Nokia N1 Pad 7.9" Quad-Core 64bit 2.3GHz 2GB 32GB Android 5.0

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Nokia N1 smartphone with 7.90-inch 2048x1536 display powered by 2.3GHz processor alongside 2GB RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

+ Camera
- Battery life
- Performance
I already had an old iPad when I decided to get this. Interesting at first, it became clear that this tablet is in some areas not as good as an iPad. I’m talking about battery life, the responsiveness of user interface, and performance in the apps and games. One thing it excels over the iPad is the camera, it’s much better than on iPad. My personal score for this tablet is 6/10. Good for those who never had a tablet or iPad before, not so much for everyone else.
I would never anticipate that Nokia will make an android tablet one day. But they did.
I bought it, tried it, it’s a typical 8-inch android tablet with a square-ish aspect ratio. Don’t expect miracles from it, it will deliver none. Specs are OK, the software is a bit of a different story though. After a month of use, it became a bit sluggish, and I had to install a cleaner app. I think Nokia can do better than that.
I left it on the driver seat of my car and accidentally sat on it. It broke in half and the service center refused to exchange it for a new one, telling me something about a “non-warranty case.” I’ll stick to a notebook and pen until they begin to manufacture something sturdier.